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The easternmost Andalusian capital dominates a coastline dotted with almost virgin beaches and an interior marked by peculiar semideserted ecosystems. Formerly one of the most important ports in the Caliphate of Cordoba, Almería reveals its Alcazaba (citadel) and its cathedral, on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Narrow streets with whitewashed façades are elements of its picturesque historic quarter. In addition to history and culture, Almería offers beaches, mountain and coastal nature reserves and a gastronomy that will make this journey unforgettable.

Valle del Este Golf Resort    Golf
The province of Almería offers over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, making it an all year round holiday destination for golfers. Golfers seeking less crowded and less expensive courses than those of the longer established golf holiday destinations such as the Costa del Sol and Algarve, should look no further than Almería.

So Much More Than Golf
Almería boasts over 100 km of untamed coastline, and landscapes of outstanding beauty stretching from Pulpí in the east to Adra in the west. It descends from the Sierra de Gádor mountains, until it joins the Mediterranean sea. Almería, thanks to its strategic situation on the Mediterranean, has been home to different civilisations throughout its history. Significant traces of their presence can be seen in the archaeological remains scattered all over.
  Villazar Beach - Mojacar, Almeria

Paella   Gastronomy
Almería's gastronomy is varied and natural, and ever since ancient times has featured a combination of first-rate produce from land and sea. A certain traditional isolation has given rise to a cuisine with a big personality, which retains the most ancient essences of the past influences which can still be felt today. Peppers and their derivative, ground red pepper, are the mainstays of this cuisine which has been handed down to the present. 

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