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Golf Holidays in Ireland
Golf Holidays in Ireland

The island of Ireland is divided into two countries; the southern and northwestern regions constitute the Republic of Ireland, an independent, democratic country. The northeast is Northern Ireland and presently is a part of the United Kingdom. 

Golfing in Ireland is the largest single sporting holiday attraction. It has developed an international reputation making it the most sought after golf destination in Europe. Several new courses have been developed over the past decade.
 Old Head - Kinsale  
There are over 400 golf courses in Ireland, including 50 true Links out of the 151 worldwide. The uniqueness of Ireland’s golf courses encompasses design, challenge, location, and scenery. On a year round basis, golfers can test their skills on the spectacular windswept dunes of championship links, or play on the parkland or tree-lined fairways.

The Atlantic Gulf Stream arrives in April with spring, making fairer weather and better golf. From June to the end of July, daylight extends until 11pm. May, August, and September, daylight is usually from 7am until 8pm. December and January are usually the coldest months. In October and November dusk occurs around 4pm to 5pm. It can rain any time of year. However, it is the rain that keeps the courses lush and beautiful all year round.

The universal language of music is performed in local pubs, large concert halls and on the street with buskers. Anywhere and everywhere there is music, from traditional to contemporary, and rock.

The hospitality of the Irish is unsurpassed. This custom goes back to ancient times the Brehon Laws declared you must share hospitality with the bard or stranger who knocks on your door. The custom is still prevalent in Irish society today. 

 Kilbeggan Whiskey   Drink
In the earliest of times, the Irish enjoyed home brewed beverages. The favorite was Mead, a honey wine that was both potent and delicious.

Whiskey in Ireland dates back to the 12th Century and has been an Irish drink for centuries. It is thought that the Monks brought the distilling techniques from Europe. Kilbeggan Distillery was founded in 1757. Although some whiskeys are stilled made in Ireland, many of the companies are no longer Irish owned.
    Beer is still a favorite beverage for the mass population with the ost popular being Guinness, brewed at St. James Gate, Dublin. It is often said 'the closer you get to Dublin the better the Guinness' and there is probably some truth this.

So, no matter what your preference may be, there is something for almost everyone from a nice cup of tea to a wonderful pint, with some great Irish craic!

So, whether its a Dublin golf weekend, a tour of the South West including all the big name links courses, a relaxing golfing holiday in Donegal, or indeed and luxury golf resort vacation in one of the many award winning Resorts, Ireland has it all.

This is your holiday, so all you need to do is inform Golf Holidays Worldwide of your requirements and we will organise your accommodation, transfers or self-drive and tee-times, leaving your fee to  concentrate on your game.

We maybe cannot guarantee the weather, or that you will have any balls left in your bag, but what we can guarantee is that you will leave Ireland with some fantastic memories of an unforgettable golf holiday in Ireland.   

Golf Holidays Worldwide has various travel partners, from self-drive car hire, coach transfers, or if you want to travel in real style, go by helicopter - we have it all!    
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Getting to Ireland
While making travel arrangements U.S. citizens need to remember that a valid passport is needed to enter any European country. Depending on the length of stay and purpose of visit, visas are not typically required for entry into Ireland.

Arriving by Air
The Republic of Ireland has four major International airports - Dublin, Shannon, Cork and Knock. The primary airports are Dublin and Shannon. Flights to and from the United Kingdom are widely available. Most flights from Europe are serviced through Dublin. 

The primary airports in Northern Ireland are Belfast International and Belfast City. Both offer a taxi and bus service.

The following airlines offer a 1 stop or non-stop service from the United States:
American Airlines | Aer Lingus | Air France | BMI | Continental | Delta | US Airways

The following airlines offer a 1 stop or nonstop services from the United Kingdom:
Aer Arann | Aer Lingus | Air France | British Airways | British Midland | Ryanair | Virgin Atlantic

Arriving by Sea
The majority of sea arrivals to the Republic of Ireland come through Dublin or Dun Loaghaire, just south of Dublin. Ferry service is available from Ireland to the United Kingdom and Continental Europe. Sea arrivals to Northern Ireland can be made via the Larne Ferryport.

The following ferry lines offer service to and from Ireland:  Irish Ferries | Stena Line

Getting around Ireland
Flights within Ireland are provided by the following Airlines: Aer Lingus | Ryanair | Aer Arann

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